Functions and Benefits Of Backlinks

Functions and Benefits Of Backlinks have an important role in terms of SEO. Listen carefully some of the benefits backlink following functions:
1. Increase Blog Position On Serp
What’s SERP? SERP Refill Toner is an acronym for search engine result page. If interpreted in Indonesian means the search engine results pages. Backlinks are important in raising the blog’s position on search engines.

2. Maintaining the position of the SERP
If you’ve managed to increase the blog’s position on the SERP. So this time with the backlinks you should be able to maintain the position of your blog in the search engines.
3. Increase Ranking Blog
If you want your blog to have a good ranking on site or the like, it helps you pay attention to backlinks. Because sites like also counts the number backlink. read this article Tips for Choosing an SEO Services Company for determine the rank.

So, if you already know what it is Backlink and Function backlink.Maka now, it’s time to learn some simple techniques to generate backlinks to your site. One thing you should know about Backlinks in SEO is not the number of backlinks that are important, but the quality of links is more important.


In search of backlinks there are many ways that can be done for example by blogwalking and commented on the blog kursus website backlink on a forum lain.atau plant ber good page rank or can also exchange links fellow bloggers.

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  1. Selamat pagi blog tonerjakarta, kunjungan balik nih, ternyata ada semacam tutorial juga di sini, tapi bunda mah orangnya sangat awam, malah super awam tentang yang namanya backlink. Apakah maksudnya dengan melakukan BlogWalking berarti kita melakukan backlink? Btw, walaupun bunda punya blog WB namun tak pernah dijajaki/dipelajari — bagi bunda sulit banget, lebih mudah dengan blogspot, hehe…

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